Internships in Industry and the Academia

Since its establishment, the college has run an internship program at Israeli and foreign companies, business institutions and research institutes as part of its curriculum  As accepted at academic institutions, each department is entitled to select the internship’s format and framework, and the number of academic credits granted to the intern.  The student selects his internship location independently and his work must meet high standards and clearly express his training as an engineer.

There are different internship formats, including a full program of 1,000 hours of work, a final project and additional elective courses.  The internship procedures vary from department to department, but in all departments, the student is supervised by 2 supervisors - one from the academic faculty and the other from the internship placement.  During the internship, ongoing reporting is conducted regarding the work progress; and at the end of the internship, a summary report is submitted and the work is presented to a forum of lecturers and students.

All Parties Benefit
The college maintains an ongoing dialogue with industry and considers it a strategic partner.  In the 3-way partnership between the students, the college and industry, all parties reap the benefits.  The students are exposed to industry and its changing needs and they gain valuable employment experience that will help them integrate quickly and efficiently into their new jobs.  Alongside the experience gained during the internship, the students form work connections and many of the graduates are presently employed at places where they previously worked as interns.  Thanks to the close relationship between the lecturers and students and the industry and research institutes, the college is up-to-date on the immediate and future needs of industry and the most advanced developments and it enables the students to study and train in real time, while taking into account the constraints typical of the ‘real world’.  Each year, the college receives many inquiries from employers requesting interns.  The employers receive employees with practical experience and the latest knowledge and they can select those students that are most suitable to them.  No placement company can replace the daily contact with the candidate.