New Immigrants

The Immigrant Student Administration of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption provides guidance and support for immigrant students during their studies. This includes helping with educational, psychological, economic, and other difficulties, and is a personal and social anchor during the absorption process in the State of Israel.

The Immigrant Student Administration operates trained staff in various institutions of higher learning throughout the country as well as social workers who centralize personal care in all four districts.

Eligibility is determined by criteria set by the Immigrant Student Administration.
Eligible students can receive financial aid, counseling, educational guidance, and help with personal and social integration from the Student Administration.
Immigrant Student Administration website:
To test for eligibility, you can find the administration offices at these addresses:

• Jerusalem district: 15 Hillel Street, Jerusalem, Tel. 02-6214543
• Tel Aviv district: 6 Queen Esther Street, Tel Aviv, Tel. 03-5209140
• Beer Sheva district: 31 Shazar Street, Beer Sheva, Tel. 08-6261230/1
• Haifa district: 15 Palyam Street, Haifa Tel. 04-8631140/7/8/9

Consideration in Examinations

Immigrant students who have been in the country for less than five years from their date of immigration are entitled to time extensions and dictionary use in all examinations until their five years are up.

Students who have been in the country for over five years and request consideration in examinations are entitled to adjustments for the first year, according to the grades they received on the Hebrew Proficiency Test or the verbal Hebrew psychometric testing.


Immigrant students receiving funding from the Student Administration can request tutoring, according to their entitlement