Ofek serves as the major outlet for technology transfer at ORT Braude College (OBC).   As a commercial entity, Ofek offers the best infrastructure for presenting OBC’s technological and scientific development to the worlds of industry and business. Ofek connects the academic and industrial/business worlds through its ability to advance human potential and convert it into a competitive advantage.  Ofek realizes its technology transfer objectives by:

  1. Encouraging researchers to promote and expand research towards applied industrial projects.
  2. Patenting inventions and protecting various aspects of the intellectual property of the college and of its scientists.
  3. Identifying and assessing research projects that have commercial potential.
  4. Attracting government funding for technologically innovative projects through the Office of the Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor:
    a. At the early stages of practicable development, through grants such as Kamin and Nofar.
    b. At a more advanced stage and with a partner from industry, through grants such as Magneton (Mini-Magnet). 
  5. Licensing out inventions and technologies to industry.
  6. Initiating and engaging in the establishment of start-up companies and/or any other commercial enterprises.
  7. Selling services, such as consulting and requested R&D, to industry.
  8. Supplying laboratory services, animal testing, and equipment (primarily in biotechnology).
  9. Ensuring fullcoordination with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at OBC, so entrepreneurial projects can benefit from an end-to-end monitoring and support system.

By working closely with OBC researchers, Ofek identifies the right commercial opportunity and enhances successful outcomes. The researcher’s knowledge, contacts and technological understanding are important to successful commercialization. Furthermore, the researcher's ongoing involvement in technology transfer and product development is crucial to success. Successful technology transfer requires that the company's experienced business team, the researcher, and the industry work together as a team. 
In accomplishing its mission, Ofek and the researchers together:

  • Support the research and education missions of OBC.
  • Enhance the reputation of the college and its research faculty.
  • Strengthen ties between academia and industry.
  • Provide financial benefit to all involved.
Dr. Moshe Shavit – CEO of the Ofek Eshkolot Ltd company.
Lecturer at the college and head of the Entrepreneurship Center.
Over 30 years’ experience in hi-tech and traditional industries.
For more information on Ofek Eshkolot R&D Ltd., contact:
Moshe Shavit mshavit@braude.ac.il