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For all academic-related issues, including financial or registration queries - please contact Mrs. Ilana Hazak, faculty secretary

by phone: (+972) 4 9901905
by fax: (+972) 4 9580289
or by email:

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This website was built to serve both students & lecturers of this department.

This website holds inside all academic related information for the students (Registration, Syllabus Abstracts, Courses Progression Chains, Study Programs & more). In addition this website will display information & schedules for upcoming events & department seminars & in general will show everything new that's related to our department.

Since your opinion is important to us, we would like to receive feedback from you. If you've found any typo or certain mistake in the website or have anything to suggest that would improve this site, please write to us and tell us about it. Reply is guaranteed.

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