The Department of Mathematics provides the student with high-level mathematical infrastructure, serving a sound basis for all Engineering study programs.

As of the academic year 2009, the Department opened a three-year study program towards a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Applied Mathematics. The program consists of a strong theoretical background, along with solutions of application oriented problems. This unique study program is designed to prepare the student for future employment by the demanding high-tech industries in Israel.

Research in mathematics provides the theoretical bases for many of the scientific developments. The Department actively conducts research in a broad spectrum of subjects, e.g. Dynamic Systems, Partial Differential Equations, Einstein’s Gravitation Equations, Game Theory, Potential Theory, Functional Analysis, Optimization, Physical Mathematics, Mathematical Education, etc. The research projects are in collaboration with scientists in leading universities in Israel and abroad.

The Department actively organizes professional conferences. Six large international conferences were organized in recent years in conjunction with Bar-Ilan University, the Technion, University of Miami and the University of Potsdam. In addition, the Department is deeply involved in a variety of math workshops.

The Department, and the Galilee Research Center for Applied Mathematics, jointly pursue the objective of realizing the research potential and prompting engineering projects in industry.