From the Dean

From the Dean


The purpose of the dean’s office is to provide you, the student, with a positive learning experience. Our job is to help you, whenever possible, in a range of fields: personal, social-cultural, academic, and economic. The dean helps from the first moment, in choosing an appropriate department, assisting during the school year, and providing consulting services and integration into the labor market as the end of your studies approaches. .

Each student has their own personality, which includes learning ability, mental strength, social skills, and personal and family background. All these things strongly impact your performance as a student and your ability to adapt to the academic system. Whenever you experience difficulty, you should get assistance without delay.

The College attaches great importance to aid mechanisms for the student and the dean’s office is the right address (located above the cafeteria). The dean’s office has accumulated a great deal of experience and you can assume that the problem you are experiencing is not unique. Assistance can shorten the adaptation period or lessen the difficulty.

As the dean, I hope to see you, both in the support forums and at the social activities organized by the dean’s office or the student union.
I wish you success in your studies and invite you to consult with us at any time.

Dr. Tamar Gadrich
Dean of Students