Seminars, 2003
  • 23.12.2003
    Alex Goldvard, ORT Braude College, Karmiel, Israel
    Dynamic Photorealistic Graphing (DPGraph)


    I will speak about the computer program Dynamic Photorealistic Graphing (DPGraph) -- the world's most powerful 2D through 8D graphing software, optimized for the internet. I will discuss the applications of this program to basic courses in mathematics.

  • 02.12.2003
    Lavi Karp, ORT Braude College, Karmiel, Israel
    Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems in Weighted Fractional Sobolev Spaces


    In the relativistic model of the universe containing a single star, the Einstein equation can be transformed into a system consisting of a nonlinear elliptic equation and a nonlinear hyperbolic systems. The weighted fractional Sobolev spaces are the natural spaces for these systems. In this talk I will describe the needs and the construction of these spaces, and I will discussed the existence of a solution to the hyperbolic system. This is a joint work with Uwe Brauer, Universida Complutense de Madrid.

  • 28.10.2003
    Prof. Andery E.Shishkov, Institute of Applied Mathrmatics and Mechanics of NAS of Ukraine, Donetsk
    Localized and nonlocalized boundary blow-up regimes for higher order quasilinear parabolic equations


    There are considered mixed problems for general parabolic PDE with boundary data blowing up in some finite time. We prove sharp sufficient conditions of localization of singularities of generalized energy solutions. For nonlocalized blow up regimes we investigate the propagation of corresponding blow-up wave.

  • 17.06.2003
    Adam Lecko, Politechnika Rzeszowska, Poland
    The method of Julia lemma in the theory of univalent functions




  • 15.04.2003
    Yakov Yakubov, Tel-Aviv University
    Differential-Operator Equations with Application to PDEs



    The method of differential-operator equations is one of the methods of the study of partial differential equations. This method allows us to consider pure differential equations, integro-differential equations, functional-differential equations and others. We are going to present some abstract results for differential-operator equations (on examples of second order abstract equations) and give an application to PDEs: hyperbolic, elliptic, and parabolic.

  • 25.03.2003
    Victor Khatskevich, ORT Braude College
    Interaction between Operator Theory, Holomorphic Mappings and Abel-Schreder Type Equations


    Some new results of joint work with Professors K.-H. Foerster, P. Jonas and T. Azizov. Some open problems.

  • 7.01.2003
    Professor Leonid Hanin, Idaho State University, U.S.A.


    The present work solves a long-standing problem of major theoretical and practical importance in radiation biology and oncology: To find the distribution of the number of clonogenic tumor cells surviving a given schedule of fractionated radiation.