Alumni Testimonials

Dear Ms. Tsameret Zohar,

It's my pleasure to send you an email after I have accomplished all my study for the Jerusalem-Galilee engineering study abroad program. I felt sincerely apologetic for being late to send you an email to share some of my gains and experiences with you after I went back to my country due to the busy schedule during the graduation season in July and school season in September.

In order to remind you of our meeting in Braude, there are some group photos attached presented to you.

To tell you the truth, I still missed many of my friends and these unforgettable landscape that I have experienced in Israel. At ORT Braude, I feel that each student is valued, and receives personal attention from not only the faculties but also the staff. Students who have attended this program also benefit a lot from the college's close connections with top-ranking industries. On the other hand, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and research, and a scientific center of international repute which may provide the participants with a better stage to expand their horizons and display their talents. Undoubtedly, I gained a lot from this program in many aspects.

Almost everything was going on smoothly in the past three months since I returned back from Israel where I have experienced marvelous cross-cultural education,life and journey. To be frank, I have also shared many of my photos taken in Israel with my parents,relatives and friends, they are all fascinated by these impressive and fabulous sceneries in this holy land. At the same time, my experience in Israel also greatly changed their thoughts about the security issues on your country. Incidentally, here's a good piece of news from me, I've also obtained two of my degrees both in engineering&economy and successfully graduated from USST with great honor in June. My undergraduate thesis has been assessed as excellent paper(TOP1%) in USST. Nice photos were taken with professors,my dear friends and relatives.

In fact, as a successive postgraduate and doctoral candidate in Shanghai Jiao Tong University(My major is power engineering and thermal physics), I'm planning to study abroad as a joint PhD student in the second year of my PhD's(year of 2014 or 2015). Maybe next summer in the late of July, I'll apply for the summer school in Technion which is supported by the Israeli Ministry of education for one month.

Okay, I'd better quit now, so you don't have to spend the whole morning reading my message. I really enjoy conversing with you, and it will be fun to talk more often.

Take care, and wish all your family members healthy and joyful.
Best wishes,
Morris in SHANGHAI