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    Lecturer: Dr. Orli Herscovici, University of Haifa
    Title:  Umbral calculus and identities for orthogonal polynomials
    Date & Time: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, at 13:00

    Place: Room EM 303, ORT Braude College
    The roots of Umbral calculus go back to the XVII century. It attracted an attention of many scientists in the second half of the XVIII century, but a rigorous study of the Umbral calculus belongs to 70-80 years of the XIX century. Since then the Umbral calculus is a powerful technique for study of orthogonal polynomials of the Sheffer type among them are the Bernoulli, Euler, Hermite, Laguerre, and many other polynomials.
    By using these techniques, one can obtain new identities for Sheffer orthogonal polynomials and establish connections between different kind of polynomials.