Final Project

All students carry out a year-long final project during the second year of their studies. The aim of the final project is the integration of the tools, knowledge and experience that students have acquired in order to solve a complex engineering/management problem. The final project will be scientific in its approach but also practical in content and should include theory, computation, and/or experiments.
Students are responsible for identifying a suitable problem and finding a supervisor from the college who will agree to supervise them. A member of the staff with the status of lecturer or above or an expert from the field with a doctoral degree and who is employed by the college as an adjunct lecturer, can act as a supervisor. The supervisor will accompany the student and instruct her/him while s/he carries out the project and writes up the final report. By the beginning of the first semester of the second year of study, students submit to the Coordinator of the Final Project a proposal for their final project. The study program committee is responsible for approving the proposal after it was revised and approved by the Coordinator of the Final Project. The final project spans two semesters, and during each semester students will be awarded 2 credits (4 credits in total).
In the first semester, students identify the problem, review the relevant literature, collect data and start initial analysis of problem. At the end of the first semester, students will hand in a progress report and present it for review and feedback. In the second semester, students will complete the project, review the final report and with their supervisors’ approval, submit it, not later than the end of the second semester following the start of the project. 
All final projects will be assessed by the assessment committee, which will evaluate the report and the presentation in which students will present the central problem at hand and the findings. At the end of the project, students will get an overall grade for the final project. A passing grade in this part of the course is 75.