The Galilee

ORT Braude College is perched on a hill in the city of Karmiel, which divides the upper and lower Galilee. The Galilee is a mountainous region in Israel’s north, characterized by rocky hills, green fields and colorful wildflowers. Its relatively abundant water and fertile soil have made for thriving wildlife and thousands of years of human settlement. The Galilee houses a tapestry of ethnic communities. Alongside Jewish cities and towns are Arab, Druze and Circassian villages. A hub of tourism, the Galilee offers antiquities, parks, nature reserves, and religious sites.  The Galilee is also a center of arts and culture, and of industry. Numerous high-tech companies are located here, having drawn some of Israel’s finest scientists to the region. The natural beauty, historical and archeological sites, cultural diversity and innovative industries make the Galilee a fascinating region, with something to interest  almost any visitorORT Braude College
ORT Braude College, based in the city of Karmiel, is a leading engineering institution in northern Israel. Established in 1987, the beautifully landscaped college has 2,880 undergraduate and graduate students. An academic, technological and scientific center for the Galilee, ORT Braude contributes to local high-tech industries. ORT Braude offers B.Sc. degrees in biotechnology engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, industrial engineering and management, information systems engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, applied mathematics and optical engineering. The college confers M.Sc. degrees in biotechnology, software engineering and systems engineering.At ORT Braude, each student is valued and receives personal attention from faculty and staff.  Students also benefit from the college’s connection with top-ranking industries.