Management Members

College Management

Prof. Arie Maharshak

Vice President for Academic Affairs
Prof. Zeev Barzilay

Mr. Achiav Golan

Heads of Academic Departments and Units

  • Biotechnology Engineering Department: Dr.Sarit Sivan
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department: Prof. Eduard Eitelberg
  • Industrial Engineering and Management Department: Dr. Boris Shnits
  • Mechanical Engineering Department: Dr. Ehud Kroll
  • Software Engineering Department:Prof. Zeev Vollkovich
  • Mathematics Unit: Prof. Lavi Karp
  • Physics Unit: Prof. Jorge  Berger
  • Teaching Studies Department:Dr. Elena Trotskovsky

Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources
Zvi Carni, M.B.A

Marketing Manager
Ms. Shani Ilani

Dean of Students
Dr. Tamar Gadrich