Research Authority

The Research Authority was established in 2010 to encourage, support, promote and monitor the research activities of the academic staff at OBC as well as to serve as a scientific, administrative and management framework for research activities at the college.

The activities of the Research Authority include:

  • Location, collection, accumulation and dissemination of information about external sources of funding, including government ministries, the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), European programs (FP7), bilateral programs (GIF, BSF) and other funding agencies.
  • Guidance and administrative services in submitting research proposals to funding agencies, including advice and support in preparation of budgets for research proposals.
  • Provision of financial support for editing grant proposals.
  • Assistance in matching OBC researchers with funding sources.
  • Assistance in finding research partners and creating consortium or partnership agreements.
  • Negotiation with agencies that fund the grant and sign the contracts.
  • Financial and administrative management of grants and contracts of funded projects.
  • Initiation of research contracts between OBC scientists and researchers at other universities, both in Israel and abroad.
  • Initiation and organization of workshops concerning external funding for information transfer and improving researchers' ability to write competitive grants.