ד"ר עופר אייל

ד"ר עופר אייל

Dr. Ofer Eyal

ד"ר עופר אייל
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Physics and Optical Engineering
Current Position
Contact Information
Office Hours
Tuesday 17:00-18:00, Wednesday 17:00-18:00
1988, Pysics, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
1983, Physics, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
1979, Physics, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
Research Areas

• Supesymmetric field theories, • Supesymmetric quantum mechanics as related to paraxial optics• Foundation of quantum mechanics

Teaching Experience
The Ort Braude College:
Undergraduate Courses:
Udergraduate courses: Phys 1,2, 1’m, 2’m,3’mElectromagnetic fields , quantum computationThe Technion–Israel Institute of Technology

Undergraduate Courses:
Electromagnetic Theory , Phys 1.m Phys. 2.mm
University of Haifa:
Undergraduate Course: Symmetries in Nature
Refereed Papers
  1. O.Eyal, M.Moshe: Flat directions and scale invariance breaking in anO(N)XO(N) supersymmetric model,Phys.Lett.B11 397 (1986).
  2. O.Eyal , How to regularize constrained systems: some simple examples, Int.Journal of Mod.Physics A1 3003 (1990)
  3. O.Eyal , A spinning particle in magnetic field and the super harmonic oscillator,Journal of Physics A:Math andGen.ll 1453 (1990)
  4. O.Eyal , An alternative description of finite states systems, Journal of PhysicsA:Math and Gen.ll 1841 (1990)
Conference Proceedings and Abstracts
  1. O. Eyal and M. Moshe Flat Direction and Spontaneous Breaking of SuperSymmetric O(N) X O(N) Models Contributed to 23rd International Conference on High-Energy Physics held in Berkeley, CA, 16-23 July 1986.
  2. O.Eyal, Variational Methods in Large N SuperSymmetric Models , Proceeding of Wangerooge “Variational Calculations in Quantum Field Theories 1987 157-171,
Other Publications
  1. Eli Raz and Ofer Eyal, “The 12th Final Stage of the National Physics Olympiad” Tehuda 23/2 25-34 (2003). (in Hebrew).