Partial Differential Equations and General Relativity

Lavi Karp, Oleg Kelis, Yakov Lutsky, Victor Ostrovki, Uwe Brawer (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), Igor Gaissinski (Technion), Vladimir Rabinovich (Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico) and Vladimir Rovenski (Haifa University)
The subject of general relativity has long been of interest in both mathematics and physics and is a rich source of problems in both global and nonlinear partial differential equations. Our main studies deal with Einstein-Euler systems that describe relativistic self-gravitating perfect fluids and modeling of isolated systems such as stars. The group also studies the following areas:
Inverse problems at potential theory, free boundary problems, Hele-Shaw flows,
Pseudodifferential operators with applications to elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations,
Mathematical models for hydrodynamics.