The Study Program

The Biotechnology Industry develops products essential for mankind's well-being: medicines, medical devices, food processing and preserving processes and environmental conservation processes. Such diverse products necessitate an industry that is dynamic and multi-disciplinary. In order to provide such essential materials and processes, the industry must be strictly regulated. The MSc program was designed to address the many and complex demands of this most vibrant and challenging of industries.

While covering a range of state of the art sciences and technologies, the MSc program emphasizes two particular areas of specialization:
  • The development of biotechnological industrial products
  • Medical research and clinical trials

Senior academics, industrialists and professional medical researchers educate and coach students in the Biotechnology Industry’s latest concepts and technologies. The degree includes a final research project chosen by and relevant to the professional interests of the student.

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) program in Mechanical engineering enables students to expand and to deepen the knowledge acquired during their B.Sc. study in order to get to the cutting edge of the research and development in their discipline. The program offers further analytical/engineering background together with a focus on production processes, solid mechanics, and materials engineering. The above expertise can bridge the gap a mechanical engineer may face during his work in the field of materials, a discipline that is known to be developing rapidly. In addition, a national need for experts in the field of manufacturing processes has been identified over the last two decades. The M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering program meets these needs and gives its graduates a special merit in the labor market.