The study program

The EEE Department has a four years study program for undergraduate studies towards the Bachelor of Science degree Electrical and Electronic Engineering. The Department also has a shortened (less than four years) supplementary program for Practical Engineers with diplomas. This accelerated program is similar to the regular program, however over a shortened study period (an intensive semester plus 2.5 academic years), since it allows for exemptions in certain courses in accordance with very strict rules, approved by the Council of Higher Education.

The EEE Department operates a study program towards a B.Sc. degree. The Department receives teaching services from four other ORT Braude Engineering College departments, namely Mathematics, Physics Industrial Management Engineering and General Studies. The Department also receives and provides professional teaching services to study programs in other departments. The Departmental Council, chaired by the Head of the Department, and consists of all members of the faculty, has ultimate responsibility for the study programs operated by the Department.