Strategy Statement Mission & Vision


We are a higher education institution of engineering, technology, and related fields, whose missions are to promote –
1 . Equal opportunities in Israeli society through education and professional
2 .The productivity of the Israeli industry in general, and that of the
     traditional industry in particular


Firmly establishing the college among the leading institutions granting engineering degrees in Israel.


Our graduates will be multidisciplinary engineers, and possess:

  • A general and professional education that is simultaneously broad-based and in-depth
  • The ability and desire for independent study and teamwork
  • The ability to adapt knowledge to changing needs
  • Critical thinking skills
  • A creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach
  • Social and environmental awareness

Our faculty members will be:

  • “Teachers for life”, continuing to inspire their students even after graduation
  • Up-to-date in their professional field, in addition to benefiting from a broad education
  • Dedicated to the ideal image of the graduate, as detailed above, with the ability to enable their students to attain these goals
  • Able and willing to motivate their students, stimulate their curiosity, and create relevant and up-to-date connections
  • Active, highly-regarded researchers participating in significant research projects
  • Involved in the college, the environment, and the academic and professional community

Our administrative staff will:

  • Possess current professional knowledge in addition to a broad-based education
  • Leverage the college’s infrastructure and systems to the standard required for optimal learning and research in its classrooms, labs, and library
  • Advance the college’s administrative procedures to a level of excellence while also cultivating the college as a place that captures the heart as well as the mind

Our college will:

  • Be innovative and pioneering in its teaching methods and in the quality of its teaching
  • Attract young, motivated faculty members and enthusiastic students
  • Promote a combined formal and informal academic atmosphere
  • Encourage high quality research
  • Always retain its pioneering spirit and emphasize teaching quality
  • Lead and influence intellectual, cultural, and social development at both a local and a national level