The Study Program

Eligible candidates must satisfy the following conditions:
  • Hold a bachelor of science degree in engineering or in the natural sciences, mathematics, computer science, economics, or behavioral sciences from an accredited institute (that is recognized by the Higher Education Committee of Israel);
  • Grade Point Average (calculated by the previous institution) of at least 80;
  • Among the top 25th percentile of his/her class;
  • Personal interview;
  • Two letters of recommendation from academic faculty members, that refer to the candidate’s suitability to the master program.

Candidates, who have relevant field experience of at least five years and Grade Point Average of at least 75, are encouraged to apply. The program's committee will examine their application. These candidates must submit a letter of recommendation from their employer, in addition to two letters from academic staff.

The degree is contingent upon the completion of at least 40-credit point, 12 credits from compulsory courses and 4 credits for the Final Project. The remaining credits are for elective courses in the field of industrial engineering and management.

Every graduate must complete a final project in his second year. The objective of the Final Project is to provide an opportunity for the graduates to utilize their new knowledge and tools in solving real-world engineering or managerial problems that are relevant to the organization. The Final Project must be scientifically based and relevant, and should include theory, numerical study, or experiments.