European Association for International Education (EAIE)

The EAIE ( is the European knowledge centre for expertise and networking in internationalisation of higher education. We are a non-profit, member-driven organisation serving individuals actively involved in the internationalisation of their institutions.

Diverse membership
Our members come from over 80 countries around the world and almost every function within higher education; from international relations managers, student counsellors and study abroad advisers to admissions officers, credential evaluators, marketing and recruitment coordinators, rectors and teachers.

A platform for knowledge sharing
Through our services and offerings, we provide a platform for our members to share knowledge and best practices and to develop their careers, providing access to expert advice on topics regarding the internationalisation of higher education. We do this in a variety of ways:
  • EAIE Annual Conference, which attracts more than 4000 individuals and hundreds of exhibiting organisations.
  • EAIE Academy – a variety of intensive training courses held bi-annually over the course of one week in a different European city each time, providing excellent in-depth training.
  • EAIE publications – ranging from a member magazine containing the latest news and views from the field to more in-depth publications which focus on policies and strategies to hands-on practical guides.
  • Expert Community networks – enabling specialists in the field to connect with fellow peers and share knowledge and resources at a more targeted, micro level.

We partner with key stakeholder organisations and institutions to advance international higher education in Europe and the rest of the world.

EAIE’s role and achievement in the IRIS project
The EAIE is the leader of WP 2 ‘Internationalisation strategic plan’. In this work package staff of the participating Israeli colleges will receive the necessary knowledge on strategic planning and gain the relevant skills for the development of a strategic internationalisation plan for their institution.

This is achieved through two workshops developed and delivered by two EAIE experts as well as individual guidance sessions. The principle of peer to peer learning is at the core of all EAIE training activities and also used EAIE’s contributions in the IRIS project. The EAIE experts share their knowledge and examples of best practice with the participants. Equally important is the interaction and exchange between participants facilitated through in-depth discussions and small working groups.