Kaye Academic College of Education (KC)

Kaye College (www.kaye.ac.il) is today the leading academic institution for teacher education and professional development of educators in the south, serving both the Jewish and Bedouin populations in the Negev.

The College's main goal is to provide students with advanced academic knowledge, broad practical teaching experience, relevant competencies and skills to successfully integrate into the dynamic educational system in Israel. The College also functions as a center for professional development of teachers, as well as for research, study and educational innovation.

In 2006 Kaye College was awarded the Be'er-Sheva Municipality Prize for Excellence in Education.
At present there are 3,800 Jewish and Bedouin students studying in the various College departments. Upon successful completion of studies, students are awarded with Bachelor and Master Degrees in Education. Students at Kaye College study in a multicultural and multilingual environment. This blend of cultures reflects the local ethnic composition of the Negev. A unique course, dealing with coexistence, offers an intensive encounter between Jewish and Bedouin students who learn about one another's culture and lifestyle.

In 1996 & 2007 the College was the recipient of a UNESCO prize for its outstanding contribution in promoting multiculturalism and co-existence.
The College responds to the needs of local schools by offering guidance in educational programs and in taking responsibility for the professional development of educational personnel.

In 2013 Kaye College's ACE program (Active Collaborative Education, "Schahaf"), aimed at educating academics to become teachers, received an achievement award; "A pedagogical initiative that makes a unique contribution to teacher education”, from the Ministry of Education and the Scientific Committee of the 6th International Conference.
Kaye Academic College of Education aims to build a community of educators who act as agents of change and who speak with voices which resonate with pioneering -and innovative activity. We regard education as a social mission and see teachers as educational leaders who are capable of dealing with important social issues and lead processes which narrow social gaps and promote tolerance of diversity in a democratic and multi-cultural society.