Al Qasemi Academy- Academic College of Education (QSM)

Al-Qasemi College ( was founded in 1989 as an institute of Sharia` and Islamic studies by a sect of the Sufi movement called “Tareqat Al-Qasemi Al-khelwateya Al-Jamea`”. The college started with very modest physical and academic basis, and was founded on the building of a mosque. Since then, it has grown and developed remarkably into a nationally recognized academic institute, certified by the Council for Higher Education in Israel. As a winner of Excellence and Quality Award for the year 2009, it continues to lead changes in different fields locally and internationally and functions as a socio-cultural compass for the Arab minority in Israel.

Al-Qasemi’s vision is to create an academic environment which facilitates and fosters both high quality intellectual achievement and a culture of dialogue between religions, cultures and traditions. In addition to teacher training, the college has always emphasized developing human resources in the belief that advanced societies, for the most part, are substantiated on capable and empowered individuals who are qualified enough to lead processes of social and cultural changes which harmonize with the college’s vision; active partnership, equality of opportunities, equity and mutual respect.

Al-Qasemi currently has 2680 students from all over the country who study for their B.Ed. degree in various fields: Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, English language and literature, Mathematics and Computer Science, Early Childhood Education and Special Education, Hebrew language and literature and sciences. In addition, the college grants the M.Ed. Degree in Teaching and Learning, as well as Mathematic Education.