Warsaw University of Technology (WUT)

Warsaw University of Technology (www.pw.edu.pl) is the best Polish university of technology, which is proved not only in numerous rankings, but also by its scientific and didactic achievements. The activity of the University focuses on three main goals: education, scientific research and transfer of technology.

Warsaw University of Technology consists of 20 Faculties, which cover almost a full range of fields of engineering, as well as an International Business School.

Altogether there are over 36,000 students, including nearly 1,000 Ph.D. students. There are more than 5000 employees – nearly 2,600 academic staff and over 2,400 non-academic workers. Our academics can boast 4,000 scientific publications and 500 publications in Philadelphia list journals.

For the purpose of didactic and research activities WUT owns two campuses in Warsaw and one in provincial town of Plock. There is also the main library with a vast collection of books, e-books and journals and access to other libraries in Warsaw.

Warsaw University of Technology offers education at all 3 levels, according to the Bologna Process. The academic staff of WUT are high class professors, scientists and researchers. Students choosing to study at the Warsaw University of Technology receive the opportunity to acquire full competence in the most important fields of engineering. Full English programs of studies are offered by 11 Faculties for more than 1400 students of WUT.

WUT also holds over 120 active international bilateral agreements covering student exchange and more than 140 international academic and research cooperation agreements with universities, research centers and high-tech industries from 50 countries around the world. WUT has also been actively involved in the 6th and 7th European Framework Programmes as well as in different educational programs like Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Athens.

Contribution To The Tempus IRIS Project
WUT is responsible for WP 5: Pilot IRO activities, which theoretically starts in Month 16 of project realization. Its schedule highly depends on progress of preceding WPs, especially of WP2 and WP4. That is why WUT's team is actively participating in some workshops and meetings organized within those two WPs. In parallel to that all the preparations for hot start of WP5 are on the way.
Independently of the above, WUT's team is trying to help in organization of other project activities. Our approach to internationalization process has been presented during Kick-off Meeting. We assisted in organizing the 2nd Consortium Meeting in Berlin. It was also agreed with the Project Manager that 3rd IRO Workshop (WP4) as well as 3rd Consortium Meeting will take place at WUT in Warsaw. Some networking activities are planned on occassion of those events.